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Spring Bear & Archery ElkSpring BearSpring bear hunting is always in the last 2 weeks of May as larger boars start to show up getting ready to breed. No bait or dogs can be used. Spot & Stalk is the only legal way to shoot a bear in Montana.

Transportation is via 4x4's and horseback. Hunts take place on the ranch as well. I take only 2 hunters per year for bear and the ranch has proven well for shooting bear over 6 ft.

Archery ElkI only run one bowhunt for elk per year and it's always toward the end of September in the prime of the rut. We use calls and stand-hunt as well. I usually run two hunters per season but can run as many as four if there is a group wanting to hunt together. I've found that bulls respond best to cow talk once they're located.

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